Your Cape Town trip in Photos

Explore the world’s most photogenic city with these iconic images

Craig-Strachan-Table-Mountain-CablewayCape Town has to be one of the magical places on earth whether you are a visitor or it is your home. Here in 50 iconic images are must-see and do places in the Cape. Now you have your whole trip laid out for you. But you better have lots of time and I suspect you will have to come back many times to really explore it in any depth. Remember, there is nowhere better to stay than in the heart of the Waterfront than at another icon that is Pembroke 403.


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  1. Thank you so much for linking to our Cape Town blog post! We’re really glad you liked it. However, we noticed that the link is actually a broken HTML one. Is there any way you could fix the code to make it so your readers can click through to the post? We would really appreciate it – thank you! :)

    • Eilis says:

      Ross, can you give me any advice on this one – I can’t see what is going on and would be more than happy to fix it if I was able. I know you have flagged it to me twice.



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